Additional Services

We are the ‘Lean Green Cleaning Machines’

You know how some people can get obsessive about cleanliness? Well, we’re a bit like that but in a good, positive way!

While we wouldn’t say we are obsessive about cleaning, we are committed to providing the best, most hygienic working environment for our customers.

That’s why we offer a TOTAL commercial and office cleaning service that covers everything from the latest in environmentally-friendly ‘green’ cleaning techniques and products to traditional tasks like carpet and window cleaning:


Carpet Cleaning

We have experienced operators who can vacuum, steam clean and/or deodorise wool, synthetic and every other type of carpet with tools and attachments to ensure we clean every nook and cranny.


Window Cleaning

We have experienced specialist window cleaners who can leave your glass sparkling clean. We clean both the inside and the outside surface using state-of-the-art equipment and strict safety guidelines to clean your windows.


Builder’s Cleans

Another ‘string to our bow’ is builder’s cleans. Cleaning up the mess often left behind after construction or renovation can be a dusty, dirty unpleasant process.

Our team can come in behind the builders and clean up the mess and return your premises to normal. All just a part of our total commitment of helping to creating a ‘clean environment’.


Toilet Supplies

There’s nothing worse than staff complaining about there being no loo paper in the toilets, so we also offer access to a regular supply of those necessities that will keep your loos stocked and your staff happy. Talk to us about our inventory that includes:

  • Toilet paper and dispensers
  • Hand towels and dispensers
  • Paper towels and towel holders
  • Facial tissues
  • Hand cleaners and soap dispensers
  • Air fresheners
  • Urinal blocks